Black Bottom and Company History

Black Bottom and Company is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of education, community outreach, and research.

Black Bottom and Company was founded in 2012 by Dr. Barbarosia Richardson and Dr. James Perkins. Black Bottom and Company was organized to increase healthy birth outcomes and reduce African American/Black Infant Mortality. Dr. Richardson and Dr. Perkins’ personal histories and lifelong commitment to give back to the community and enrich the life of others led them to develop Black Bottom & Company. We believe the name Black Bottom & Company describes our history and our vision.

Dr. Richardson grew up in the Davis Bottom section of Lexington, Kentucky and Dr. Perkin’s family came from fertile Delta land in Mississippi. Dr. Richardson was within hours of dying before her first birthday. She had bacterial meningitis at 3 months of age and was at risk of dying within 3 or 4 hrs if a public health nurse had not informed her parents that she needed to go to the hospital immediately. Had Dr. Richardson not been the beneficiary of intervention by a public health nurse, and an exceptional emergency room doctor, she would have died in infancy. Dr. Richardson and Dr. Perkins understand the necessity of appropriate infant care as a result of Dr. Richardson’s personal story, and also because of their interaction with many families that have experienced life threatening health conditions.

African American Infant Mortality Conference

Presented by Black Bottom &
May 17th 2013
Denver, Colorado

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